COLOMBIA espresso
COLOMBIA espresso

COLOMBIA espresso

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Origin: COLOMBIA Tolima - Excelso EP RFA / Organic.
Processing: washed.
Variety: Caturra / Tabi / Catuai / Castillo / Colombia.
Taste profile: chocolate, hazelnut, medium acidity, big body.
Roasted in Eindhoven, Netherlands. 

Saint Peter is a coffee producer organization located in Dolores in the southeast of Colombia’s Tolima department. Tolima lies deeply nestled in the Central Andes, making a secluded region that is difficult to access. The people of Tolima are marked by a particularly violent past. Due to its remoteness, the region was an ideal hiding place for guerrilla groups, who operated from the jungle. Only since recently, the region has opened up and become less complicated. Despite its past, Tolima is Colombia’s third largest department in terms of coffee production.

Under those conditions, producer organizations can play an important role in transforming the communities. Associations or cooperatives create jobs and can help to make coffee more appealing to young people. Many groups in the region organize courses and training to develop barista skills, quality control or even business management. In a region where the job offer outside of coffee farming is very limited, this is essential to draw young people away from criminality.

Next to that, by being part of a group, a producer has much better access to support on an agronomical, commercial and economical level.