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Origin: Rwanda Simbi
Processing: Washed
Variety: Bourbon
Taste profile: Clean, Tangerine 
Roasted in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Simbi is a privately owned washing station operated by Abdul Rudahunga, who was inspired to get into the coffee business by his grandmother. She was also a coffee farmer and one of the few rural Rwandans that roasted and enjoyed her own coffee as part of her daily routine. Simbi Coffee Washing Station was built in 2011 and 2012, the season of 2013 was the first for this investor in the region. That season, Simbi CWS employs an average of 85 people over a period of three months, out of them around 80% are women.

In the first season of working, in Rwanda Cup of Excellence 2013, our produced coffee came 9th with a score of 86.78 % in 159 samples after three selections with national and international cuppers, In the COE 2015, Simbi coffee come to 7th place with 88.89 %. The COE of 2018, Simbi Coffee come to 17th place with 87.62 in 28 winning lots from 150 lots selected national wide.

The cherries are well handpicked, washed, well sorted after fermentation step, fully sun dried on dry tables and hand sorted to ensure only the best coffee beans are processed. Simbi uses the wet fermentation method, and density sorting using grading channels and water. They then transport the wet parchment for 24 hours of covered drying before moving the parchment to uncovered drying beds for an average of 15 days. In Simbi’s first year of operation it placed 9th in the Rwanda Cup of Excellence competition, and has since focused on maintaining the quality while increasing the production.

Latitude: 46 48 58
Longitude: 97 21 765
Altitude at coffee washing station: 1763 meters
Altitude in area of coffee farming: 1710 -1850 m and 1980 -2250 m
District: Huye
Sector: Simbi
Cell: Cyendajuru
Status: Private
Coffee variety: Arabica Bourbon
Soil type: silt-clay-sandy and silt-sandy
Soil Ph mean: 5.1
Precipitation range: 1200 to 1300 mm
Temperature range: 17 -23 degrees Centigrade
CWS Owner: SImbi Coffe Investment Ltd
Treatment capacity: 500 tons of cherries
Fermentation method: Dry processing
Drying table: 125 tables, fully sun drying
Storage: One warehouse with natural ventilation system and woods pallets
Road accessibility: Good
Water source: mountain natural spring
Energy Source: Generator and solar
Environmental protection measures: Natural seepage