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Origin: Brazil Monte Alegre.
Processing: Natural.
Variety: Mixed .
Taste profile: Full body, dark chocolate, hazelnut.
Roasted in Eindhoven.


Monte Alegre is a giant in Brazilian coffee production. Not only for the size of the coffee operation, but also for its history and legacy. The estate and family business is part of the same international structure of coffee companies which includes 32cup.

This natural lot is prepared using natural dry processing techniques. It has great body and a light acidity, which makes it an excellent base for blends or classic espresso recipes.

101 years of coffee tradition
Monte Alegre is a fourth-generation family farm in the Sul de Minas region of Minas Gerais. The estate has been run by the Vieira family for 101 years and boy, do they know how to do coffee! The huge estate sets a model for the technologically advanced, sustainable production of quality coffees. Monte Alegre Coffee is dedicated to preserving the environment and engages in recycling water, conscious use of energy, reforestation and management of fertilizer and of solid and liquid waste.

Data collectors register the entire production process from the field to the mill and drying patio. The detailed data are registered to provide full traceability behind each quality. This allows the team at Monte Alegre to understand why a certain coffee show certain characteristics, or what to attribute these to. They record anything relating to agricultural practices, harvest times, processing, drying method and period, storage and cup results.

Quality and socio-environmental respect
An effective management system promotes a process of continuous improvement, towards sustainable agriculture, and meets the requirements for international certifications. In this way, the estate produces a safe and traceable product to the consumers.

Monte Alegre invests in a modern agronomic monitoring system to protect the environment. Measures such as recycling water, septic tanks, reforestation, conscious use of energy, integrated management of solid and liquid waste, wastewater usage for irrigation, fertilizer management and vehicle fleet review, among others, are taken.

Over 20% from the farm area consists of Legal Reserve and Permanent Preservation Areas (APPs) that contribute to the biodiversity conservation, ecosystems and water resources. On social aspects, Monte Alegre has the goal to protect the human well-being and workers’ rights, looking for the improvement of life standard.