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Origin: Brazil Mantigueira Mountains.
Processing: Pulped natural.
Variety: Yellow Bourbon.
Taste profile: Full body, dark chocolate, hazelnut.
Roasted in Eindhoven.

This regional Mantiqueira de Minas blend consists of the production of several smallholder farmers who are associated to the Cocarive cooperative in Carmo de Minas. Coffees are selected on quality, variety and process by our partners at Cocarive. In order to be selected for their regional blends, the farm has to meet some criteria. To be allowed membership of Cocarive the producer and farm have to follow a set of sustainability guidelines to preserve the (future of) the region.

Cocarive takes care of warehousing, international promotion, dry milling and export for a lot of producers in the Mantiqueira de Minas region. During past harvests, Cocarive has proven to represent some of the best farms in the region. Since we believe the region of Mantiqueira de Minas produces the best quality coffees in Brazil, we are more than happy to continue our partnership with Cocarive!

This is the third year we are bringing these regional blends to Europe. For those who need a solid and stable base coffee in their line-up, available in larger quantities, the Mantiqueira de Minas blends have proven to be the solution! These coffees have a more refined cup profile than our other classic Brazilian blend coffees. The Mantiqueira Mountains blend has a soft acidity and fresh stone fruit notes.